Welcome to MUMAZED!

Let’s be clear. I did not invent motherhood. Am by no means a supermom. I google, I call my mum when I need advice and app either her or my sister when I need to hear the truth. Some days are great, some days are less great. I try, make mistakes, try again, mess up and sometimes have success. Sometimes I don’t. I dread/look forward to going back to work. Having, or wanting, to combine work and motherhood scares me. Amidst all of this I am amazed. Amazed by being a mother, amazed by this little gorgeous girl I get to raise with my wonderful man. We are a team, and even though at times we want to throw (milk) bottles at each other, love makes us a strong team…

I am Iris, a 30 year old airline pilot, partner of Eds and mother of little Kiki. Kiki came into our lives the 22nd of December 2016. She is the pride and joy of our lives. At only three months old she inspires me, makes me smile and makes me so so proud. She is delightful, beautiful, gorgeous and o so much more. I hear you thinking… That woman just wants to brag about how awesome her child is. Let’s be honest though, we all think our children are the most amazing beings ever. We want to raise them to be sweet, kind, loving, caring and wonderful people. In this blog I hope to inspire you, make you laugh, make you cringe, make you want to read more.

Please share tips, successes, cringeworthy moments and massive f ups in the comments, but there is no room for negativity. For we are in the same boat. Sometimes it rocks, sometimes you fall out and sometimes it feels like you are drowning. But it is the same boat.